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  • A challenge for teachers

    A challenge for teachers

    I have already been a teacher in other subjects in my professional career and I came to know that teaching is one of the most mentally demanding and psychologically challenging jobs one can do.


  • Dopamine and oxytocin

    Dopamine and oxytocin

    if you go into this, dancing the emotion, the risk of getting oxytocin instead of dopamin, is quite high. Enjoy it, but be aware you will fall in love, with your dance partner: the tango-love. Just enjoy it but don’t confuse it with real love.


  • Doing good and nothing more

    Doing good and nothing more

    Why do you dance Tango?… I once read a very interesting blog post on this question and till then the question is always on my mind. Of course, the answers differ from person to person but think about what makes you happier when you dance? What makes you feel this deep satisfaction and fulfillment when…


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