The singer who speaks

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Tonight’s good night tango… is the same as yesterday. Ha… you didn’t see that coming?

The idea came after the discussion yesterday night about the lyrics of the song. Before posting the song yesterday, I found and heard this version from Goyeneche, so the discussion about the lyrics made me think about the differences between the two versions of the same song. In this version, the music is taking a background role. The singer is in the foreground, and the music seems more like a soundtrack to his story. And when the singer is Goyeneche the song doesn’t sound like a song… It sounds like he is just telling us his story. You can feel his pain in the way he speaks… in the differences in his speed… on the way he raises or lowers his volume… even if you don’t understand Spanish… you feel it from the way he “sings”.

And that’s when you focus on the lyrics… you search for them… find them.. read them… and you are immediately transferred in his grey afternoon.


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