Black eyes

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Goodnight Tango… is about a pair of black eyes!

The first time I heard the song in a milonga I was dancing and I was so surprised that I almost thought it was a cortina. I knew the famous Russian song and the melody rang so many bells in my head that I was kind of disoriented. But as we already said… music is an international language… that is not where I am going with it. After some time, I looked up the song… and I realized that its title is referring to a pair of black eyes. I also tried to find the name of the Russian song and guess what?… It’s also Dark eyes, Ochi Chernye (Очи чёрные). (I hope the copy-paste was correct… if not… apologies to all my Russian friends out there). In Greece, we have at least a couple of songs about back or dark eyes and I guess this must be an international source of inspiration for songs. So, given that these posts are read by people in many different countries and from many different origins… I have a challenge for all of you.

Post in the comments any songs that you know that have as a theme dark/black eyes. It doesn’t have to be in their title but they have to do someway with black/dark eyes.


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