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  • Tango is dead

    Tango is dead

    It’s all about the language again. Yes. If we see Tango as a language, together with all the characteristics we use to describe its functions we should also examine its historical evolution. In particular if tango (as a language) is still alive or dead. Languages can die when the population that uses them is either…


  • Metaphorically dancing…

    Metaphorically dancing…

    I have never really thought about the connection that metaphors can have with dancing. You can actually dance a melody literally or metaphorically. It dawned on me the other day. I was on a musicality workshop about counter melodies with Horacio Godoy and at some point he told the phrase… “you can do something metaphorical”…


  • The tango vocabulary illusion

    The tango vocabulary illusion

    On all this analysis I was struggling to figure out, how on earth can you get away with a limited vocabulary and still manage to have interesting if not mind and soul-blowing conversations. I mean… I manage to have dances that blow my mind and my soul without the knowledge of the whole vocabulary. Is…


  • The limited vocabulary problem

    The limited vocabulary problem

    Linguists support that a person needs about 800 words for a basic conversation and 8000 in order to reach a native speaker level. In addition, Albert Mechrabian who was a psychologist at the University of California in Los Angeles suggested in his research that around 7% of our communication happens based on the actual language…


  • How do you tell a story?

    How do you tell a story?

    What can we learn from TTS software, ebook reading apps, and so many other communication experiences? If the voice has its tools to communicate emotions what are the equivalent tools in our dance?


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