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  • Are there mistakes in Tango?

    Are there mistakes in Tango?

    So this is why Al Pacino’s phrase actually makes sense. It is a matter of perspective. Once you change it, you realize how different can your and your partner’s experience become.


  • Englishman in New York

    Englishman in New York

    I was an Englishman in New york… analyzing a song of a different period and genre with the tools I learned from my Tango journey so far!


  • Are there really levels in Tango?

    Are there really levels in Tango?

    When you learn a language you take classes… learn vocabulary…. grammar… syntax… writing…. listening etc. As time goes by you learn more complex things… words…. grammatic phenomena etc. until you can say you mastered it.


  • Musicality: the opinion on music

    Musicality: the opinion on music

    I never really thought about it this way until yesterday’s post… but it totally makes sense!!! The more I think about my dancing before diving into musicality and after… the more I see examples of “subjects” that I have now certain “opinions” on.


  • What is you focus?

    What is you focus?

    I remember my teacher sometimes when he was watching us dancing before class and then commenting on all the wrong things we did technically when we were dancing. He sometimes seemed like he had an obsession with technique… and in some cases, I was thinking… well what’s the problem if you don’t do a perfect…


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