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The missing element

As I was writing yesterday’s post a question popped into my head. If the technique is our accent, grammar, and syntax where does this leave the musicality? What is our musicality in this language and communication paradigm? The more I thought of it, the more I came to the conclusion that musicality is simply our opinion on the subject of discussion. So you may now ask… what is actually the subject of discussion? Well… what else… the music itself!


From the time I started listening and analyzing the musicality of different songs and orchestras, I feel that in some cases… some specific songs… some specific parts of a song…. some specific orchestras… I tend to move in a certain way. For example, when DArienzo’s variation comes towards the end of a song I go crazy trying to hit all the beats…. or I often pause a bit more on Pugliese’s changes of dynamic… or I let my partner play with piano solos of Biagi.

When we dance… the song is our topic… the subject of our discussion… what creates the framework for the conversation. As in any discussion, if you have studied, read, or even better experienced what you are discussing, you tend to have certain opinions on it. These might change from time to time… but still there are certain opinions you want to express. Similarly, if you have studied the musicality of DiSarli, Trollio, or any other orchestra, you have certain “opinions” on their music. The difference is that this time those “opinions” are now expressed non-verbally… with your body posture… with the way you step… the way you embrace… with “every move you make” (as the Police would sing).

I never really thought about it this way until yesterday’s post… but it totally makes sense!!! The more I think about my dancing before diving into musicality and after… the more I see examples of “subjects” that I have now certain “opinions” on.

The discussion

So then… comes the partner… and the tanda… and we have our conversation… and if the partner has also certain “opinions” she/he wants to express them… and what I realize now is that.. in some cases… it doesn’t matter if our “opinions” don’t match or align perfectly… but what really matters is to have… to actually OWN an “opinion” and express it! Because otherwise, what is the point of the conversation?

Tonight’s Goodnight Tango

So, tonight’s Goodnight Tango is not a song. It’s exactly what the title says… a simple invitation to have a chat.

How about you? Have you developed opinions on specific songs? Specific parts of songs? Let me know with a comment below, an email, or a PM on Facebook… oh… and if you liked it… don’t forget to share it with your friends.


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