Year: 2021

  • We survived

    We survived

    “We survived” she said, now that we managed to meet and dance again after almost 18 months. Survival… yes… we managed to survive so far in a very strange period and I can’t help thinking of the parallels with the era when tango really thrived. It is a strange coincidence… Tango really thrived in the…


  • The unconscious cabeceo

    The unconscious cabeceo

    I have just finished a couple of nice tandas and went into my corner… having almost sunk myself in a large comfy couch. The new tanda starts and I am not really interested in dancing. Just scanned the area around me. In front of me… a group of ladies sitting around a table is talking…


  • Changing tastes

    Changing tastes

    It was in my first months in Frankfurt and I visited a milonga where a DJ I never heard of before was playing. To my surprise a few days ago I met the DJ and danced with her in another milonga… but that’s another story. To be honest I hadn’t danced a lot that night.…


  • I am a snob dancer

    I am a snob dancer

    “When I first saw you in milongas I thought you were arrogant… a snob” she said after having met with me and having already got to know me a bit better. I get it… most of the time when I am not dancing, I am sitting in a corner all alone… not talking to anyone……


  • The heartbeat of syncopation

    The heartbeat of syncopation

    They say there is no Tango without syncopation… and they are right. One of the first things that hits you when you start listening to Tango is this strong pa-bam beat in different places of a song. Sometimes even chained one after the other and especially in moments that need to communicate and stress something…


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