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Tango changes

On one of the Youtube channels that I follow, there was a video about how Tango changes you. Gustavo was explaining how Tango changes your posture, your clothing, and many other things in your life. But one of the most important things he mentions is the music. Obviously, when you get into tango you are to some degree attracted by the music and you look for more music. The more you find the more you like and this circle goes on and on and never stops. So yes… tango changes the music you listen to. If not… then probably you should think about it.

I noticed this change in my life as well. One of the advantages of my job is that I can listen to music while working and actually, for me, it is quite helpful because I can focus easier on a problem and get in the zone of tackling the solution. Before getting into Tango I would listen to a lot of rock and pop music and during my Ph.D. writing period, I discovered how helpful jazz can be! After getting into Tango my get-go playlists while working is usually Tango.

Rediscovering music

So a few weeks ago, I was driving for the holidays and since I was sharing the ride with my beloved fiancee, who doesn’t share my passion for Tango, I opted for a radio station that we both love and plays old and new rock hits. I usually like to enjoy the music that I listen to and kind of embody it by moving in whatever way I can (given the circumstances). While driving, for example, I would tap my hands on the wheel…. or move my head, and so on.

So during the stream of different all-time hits, the song of the title of this post came up. The famous “Englishman in New York” from “The Police” and somehow I felt like it… like an Englishman in New York. I asked myself… “Well, I love this song as much as I love Tango songs but why is that so?” and I started analyzing it like I would do a Tango song, paying attention to the rhythm, the melodies, the counter melodies, the bridges, the singer, and the phrasing and I realized the complexity it carries and the various levels hidden in it that we never really pay attention to… or to put it better I never really knew how to pay attention to them. So I thought… “This song is quite complex as some of the Tango ones… probably that’s why I love it so much…”.

I was an Englishman in New york… analyzing a song of a different period and genre with the tools I learned from my Tango journey so far! And not only that! I now also had a newly found appreciation for the song! So guess what? Tango did not only change the music that I listen to but it also changed the way that I listen to music in general and now helps me rediscover my appreciation and admiration for songs I had forgotten I liked before Tango came into my life.

Tonight’s Goodnight Tango

So tonight’s Goodnight Tango is a song dedicated to those old pretty loves that we always come back to rediscover their beauty, Old loves that we never forget even if with time they turned… younger like in this case the version of Sexteto Cristal!


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