Year: 2020

  • Black eyes

    Black eyes

    Goodnight Tango… is about a pair of black eyes! The first time I heard the song in a milonga I was dancing and I was so surprised that I almost thought it was a cortina. I knew the famous Russian song and the melody rang so many bells in my head that I was kind…


  • The singer who speaks

    The singer who speaks

    Tonight’s good night tango… is the same as yesterday. Ha… you didn’t see that coming? The idea came after the discussion yesterday night about the lyrics of the song. Before posting the song yesterday, I found and heard this version from Goyeneche, so the discussion about the lyrics made me think about the differences between…


  • Rediscovering music

    Rediscovering music

    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… is a song that you have to hear quite a lot of times. Every time you listen to it (if you haven’t already listened to it hundreds of times)… you’ll discover something different…. something new… a detail you missed. One of the things I still remember my tango teacher shouting at us…


  • Tango and dementia

    Tango and dementia

    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… continues on the theme of memory from last night, but this time on the other side… oblivion! One of the things that I remember from these years of the research project is the nurses telling us that in order to minimize the risk of dementia one must be active physically, mentally, and…


  • Tribute to DJs

    Tribute to DJs

    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… comes after a request from a friend who sometimes acts as a Tango DJ. It also comes with a performance just because some of my non-tango friends need to understand that this IS tango… it is danceable… and yes… we DO dance it! It was only a few months ago in the…


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