Year: 2020

  • The first cabeceo

    The first cabeceo

    Today’s goodnight tango… is about a little student girl. As I wrote yesterday, for me it was inconceivable to cabeceo. Not to mention to a follower I didn’t know. So, in the first milongas I went, I was sitting in my place dancing maybe one or two tandas. Always, with classmates that knew from the…


  • Embracing again

    Embracing again

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything about the first coffee because today was my first time out for a coffee after the quarantine. I was observing the people around us and it is obvious the fact that everyone still tries to avoid gestures like shaking hands with someone when you meet (hugs were out of the…


  • What is art?

    What is art?

    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… comes from the “Señor del Tango”. What is art? Is it only a painting by a famous painter?… a song by a musician recorded somehow?… a book?… a poem?… a dance performance that we see in a theater or on a YouTube video? Of course, all of them and many more are…


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