The first cabeceo

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Today’s goodnight tango… is about a little student girl.

As I wrote yesterday, for me it was inconceivable to cabeceo. Not to mention to a follower I didn’t know. So, in the first milongas I went, I was sitting in my place dancing maybe one or two tandas. Always, with classmates that knew from the lessons. After some months the number of tandas and cabeceos increased but always with familiar faces. There was still the barrier of the unknown. I have never tried to dance with someone I didn’t know from the classes. I think it took me months until gradually my confidence increased and finally, some night… in a milonga… I saw her sitting alone near the bar… the distance was good… she could see me as well… and she seemed quite smiley and friendly… so I did it… looked at her… noded my head… she answered back with a smile… and there it was. My first tanda with someone I hadn’t met before! So simple… but yet so… (stupidly) difficult!

I still remember the day, the place, and her. We have danced again quite a few times since then… but she will always be the one with whom I faced another personal fear.

Today, I look at this moment and laugh at myself and at my fear.



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