What is art?

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Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… comes from the “Señor del Tango”.

What is art? Is it only a painting by a famous painter?… a song by a musician recorded somehow?… a book?… a poem?… a dance performance that we see in a theater or on a YouTube video? Of course, all of them and many more are art!

But what about a nice sunset you see on your vacations, a story that you hear from a friend, a funny dialogue you have with someone, or even the birds singing out of your window? Can’t these evoke the same beautiful emotions that “official” pieces of art do? What difference does it make that they are lost… never recorded… never captured somehow… and never able to be reproduced exactly the same? Aren’t they pieces of art that are created on the spot and lost right at the same time?

So…how about a beautiful tanda you dance in a milonga? Isn’t it a piece of art you co-create with your partner lost right at the same time it is created?

Now you may wonder how all of this relates to the specific song… listen to it till the end and tell me!


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