Year: 2020

  • Revival


    It was the 5th of April this year… we were already a couple of weeks into lockdown and I felt like posting a tango as a goodnight to my friends. Since then, it started becoming more like a habit… It helped me feel close to all of you, although we might be far. It helped…


  • Better days are coming

    Better days are coming

    Tonight it was the time to explore 1934 in the Tango By Year zoom-show… (whoever doesn’t already know about it… GO CHECK IT OUT NOW!) and there is one song that I picked up for its lyrics. The title can be loosely translated to “better days are coming” and it’s a song written after the…


  • Why you?

    Why you?

    Tonight’s goodnight tango… is about her… or as the title says… “you”. I wrote many days ago about the first time you dance with someone. In that post, I focused on what happens after you start dancing. But in this post, I would like to focus on what happened before. How do you select and…


  • The secret

    The secret

    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… is about a secret! You probably watch other couples dancing when you sit out a tanda. What do you see? For one specific song… for a specific part of it…. you will see as many possibilities (of steps) as the couples on the floor. We all take classes from teachers and many…


  • No mistakes in the tango, darling, not like life

    No mistakes in the tango, darling, not like life

    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… came to me as an idea for this post… completely by accident. I wanted to write about mistakes… yes… this thing that we think we do when we dance and we immediately “sorry” our partner. So I Googled “tango about mistakes” and guess what came up as the first result! The famous…


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