The secret

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Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… is about a secret!

You probably watch other couples dancing when you sit out a tanda. What do you see? For one specific song… for a specific part of it…. you will see as many possibilities (of steps) as the couples on the floor. We all take classes from teachers and many of us even have taken classes from the same teachers. Why is it that we all do different things in the end? In the interview, I mentioned a few days ago with Chicho and Fabian Salas they were asked if they are afraid that with their lessons they might create a number of copies of themselves. Their answer was a bit of advice… a secret… that all the old milongueros were telling them.

“Find your own tango!”

What does this mean? How can you find your own tango…? Do you find it… or does it simply come to you at some point? I don’t know… I still wonder if I have found my own tango.

At least I know what I will be seeing in milongas from now on. Other people’s own tango!


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