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It was the 5th of April this year… we were already a couple of weeks into lockdown and I felt like posting a tango as a goodnight to my friends. Since then, it started becoming more like a habit… It helped me feel close to all of you, although we might be far. It helped in getting to know more about some of you… and it helped you to know more about me. (I am not a very talkative person in milongas…). After some time I felt like it was getting kind of stressful… I had to find something to write every night and I felt like I had told almost everything. So after almost 60 posts, I decided to post the Cumparsita to end it. Now, that we are marching into the second wave… and we all need to feel close to each other again… I felt like posting again. This time without being stressed… without a promise that I will post a song every night… only when I feel like it… but with a promise that I will never post a Cumparsita again. Not even when we get out of this crisis… not even if I stop it for whatever other reason.

I also added the Goodnight Tango tag in all my previous posts… so that I can remind myself of what I have posted and avoid repetition and so that you can enjoy the whole series without having to dig a lot.

Warm hugs and Goodnight…


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