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  • About last year

    About last year

    Fast forward a few months later and I am at the best event I have attended so far in my tango journey. Another DJ starts a tanda with the same song. The introduction this time is a sign for me to move as quickly as possible and find a partner. This time, although people are…


  • Recuerdo


    So here we are. One more year in our tango lives. Full of new experiences, embraces, tandas, music, dance, posts, changes, and most of all memories. Memories that without all of you who read, reacted, commented, and discussed these posts would not be there.


  • 2021 in review

    2021 in review

    I wanted to post this before the end of 2021 as it is usually a time of retrospective. We usually look back on the year that is leaving and think about what went well and what was bad… what made us happy and what was sad. However, I wasn’t sure which song to attach to…


  • 2020… what a year?

    2020… what a year?

    WOW! What a year! If there is one thing that you do every year around this time is to look back on what happened in your life in the year that is ending and dream about the new one that comes. Well, I think that for most of us, the dreams for 2020 were quite…


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