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  • Sur: one word, many meanings

    Sur: one word, many meanings

    In my previous post, I wrote about patterns within and among languages. Yesterday, it was another great Tango By Year night traveling back to 1948. So… here is an example of how specific words in specific contexts can mean a lot more than what you can find in a dictionary…. and when you use them…


  • Hurricane


    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango…doesn’t need any introductions! As I already wrote, I am fascinated by how our minds work especially in terms of memories. I believe many of you have had a similar experience. It starts slowly… like a hurricane… without a notice… you just started dancing with someone for the first time… you ask for…


  • The singer who speaks

    The singer who speaks

    Tonight’s good night tango… is the same as yesterday. Ha… you didn’t see that coming? The idea came after the discussion yesterday night about the lyrics of the song. Before posting the song yesterday, I found and heard this version from Goyeneche, so the discussion about the lyrics made me think about the differences between…


  • Hugo Diaz and his magic

    Hugo Diaz and his magic

    Tonight’s goodnight tango… comes from a very special musician… and it’s dedicated to his magical instrument. The emotions expressed in this particular song… without a single word spoken… just from this one small instrument… are simply amazing! Tango for me has this element of magic and one of the most magical moments to me is…




    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… is called “Racing club”… and I think connects very well with my thoughts tonight. I have recently seen an interview with Horacio Godoy and towards the end, he was explaining that for a milonguero landing a successful cabeceo was a big deal! He was playing against all the other leaders in the…


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