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  • Mixed Tangos

    Mixed Tangos

    What does it mean for me the fact that the loud Greek way of dancing Tango feels strange and alien to me? Am I infected so much by the German or northern European way of dancing?  Am I becoming more of a German even in my dance? Or maybe wasn’t I ever so much Greek?


  • Incomplete


    If you ever really grasp this… you can understand that there is no leading and following in Tango. There was never such a thing… not even from its beginning. There is only cooperation… partnership… like in a family… in a couple… from the age of cavemen till today… where the man hunted and the woman…


  • Trembling


    Are you trembling?” She asked me. “No…” I said… but I knew I was. It was one of my first times in a milonga. I knew her because we were taking classes together… she was already more experienced than me and of course, I was a bit anxious.


  • A challenge for teachers

    A challenge for teachers

    I have already been a teacher in other subjects in my professional career and I came to know that teaching is one of the most mentally demanding and psychologically challenging jobs one can do.


  • Counting the uncountable

    Counting the uncountable

    Expressing emotions is a purely subjective thing. Let’s take for example love as an emotion and music as a medium/language to express it. To some people expressing their love with a tango song, might feel fitting but to others, it might be more fitting to express it with a rock ballad or a jazz song,…


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