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  • The butterfly effect

    The butterfly effect

    So here you go… the same song… the same melody… and just a tiny detail of a few milliseconds and you get a totally different piece altogether. A few milliseconds on your step and an enormous amount of satisfaction and joy when you make it plus a whole new sensation from the song.


  • Englishman in New York

    Englishman in New York

    I was an Englishman in New york… analyzing a song of a different period and genre with the tools I learned from my Tango journey so far!


  • Makes sense?

    Makes sense?

    How can you make your decisions and opinions even better? Making them sensible. A song is a series of decisions… if you manage to connect them in a logical sequence the whole dance of the song will… make sense. For example, I know that Laurenz has a long variation at the end of “No me…


  • The most powerful Tango step

    The most powerful Tango step

    When you hug a person for a few seconds it’s mostly natural. We all do this more or less with friends and relatives especially when you meet after a long time… right? Have you ever hugged somebody for more than 5 to 6 seconds? When was it? What happened after? I remember for example hugging…


  • Why do more?

    Why do more?

    Similarly, another great song is Mensaje. The story has it that the song was written roughly by Enrique Discépolo who shortly after died. Cátulo Castillo who took the composition from Discépolo’s wife, Tania, forgot about it. Until a night when, as he says, Discépolo visited him in his sleep and dictated to him the lyrics.…


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