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  • A game with no winners or losers

    A game with no winners or losers

    Have you ever noticed that dancers who emphasize musicality tend to enjoy their dances more than others? Regardless of their partner, it seems like they are most of the time happy. I have observed that in myself as well. From the moment I focused on developing my musicality I was getting more joy out of…


  • Tango advertising

    Tango advertising

    A couple of posts ago I was writing about the definition of Tango professionals and how it is difficult to rate professionals and more specifically teachers in Tango since the customers in the market don’t have clear and common expectations. Although, as it was pointed out in some comments, rating teachers who are also artists…


  • Teachers with skin in the game

    Teachers with skin in the game

    A few weeks ago I was writing about event organizers who have skin in the game. Organizers who organize events with the main goal for them to have fun in the first place. They organize events where they can dance their asses off in the first place. Like chefs who eat the meals they cook.…


  • Tango is not just fun

    Tango is not just fun

    The actual difference is that fun is something that just makes you happy but entertainment is actually educating your spirit… your soul. All kinds of arts (theater, music, painting etc.) are actually considered entertainment to some degree because they aim to express ideas… make people think… feel… and ultimately educate their spirits.


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