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  • When DiSarli sounds like D’Arienzo

    When DiSarli sounds like D’Arienzo

    We danced a super nice tanda and she was complimenting me and how I evolved in my dancing. I returned the compliments since she has also evolved quite a lot since we both started dancing… and then she says… “Yes… this D’Arienzo Tanda was super!”… and I respond… “Actually… it was Di Sarli… but you…


  • Musicality: the opinion on music

    Musicality: the opinion on music

    I never really thought about it this way until yesterday’s post… but it totally makes sense!!! The more I think about my dancing before diving into musicality and after… the more I see examples of “subjects” that I have now certain “opinions” on.


  • 5 in 1

    5 in 1

    In my previous post, I wrote how some tango songs seem to strike a perfect macaroon-like balance between different elements in their music and how this makes them irresistible! Extending this line of thought one could think the same about dancing. If a perfect song makes you want to listen to it again and again…


  • The heartbeat of syncopation

    The heartbeat of syncopation

    They say there is no Tango without syncopation… and they are right. One of the first things that hits you when you start listening to Tango is this strong pa-bam beat in different places of a song. Sometimes even chained one after the other and especially in moments that need to communicate and stress something…


  • I cannot dance to Pugliese

    I cannot dance to Pugliese

    I just can’t hide my geekiness sometimes. When I was writing about bandwidth in the previous post about presence, I was not referring to the actual network bandwidth. I was referring to a different kind of bandwidth… the human communication bandwidth. If you suppose that people are computers and they communicate with each other through…


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