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  • Tango advertising

    Tango advertising

    A couple of posts ago I was writing about the definition of Tango professionals and how it is difficult to rate professionals and more specifically teachers in Tango since the customers in the market don’t have clear and common expectations. Although, as it was pointed out in some comments, rating teachers who are also artists…


  • Sharing sorrow and happiness

    Sharing sorrow and happiness

    There is a Greek saying that describes this process quite accurately… “A shared happiness is growing to double and a shared sorrow is lowering to half.”. So this conversation… this sharing of your feelings is actually softening your sorrow or doubling your happiness.


  • A dance to share your sorrow or happiness

    A dance to share your sorrow or happiness

    One could say that tango is mostly a genre of sad music. Not that there are no happy and funny tangos but most of the tangos are talking about lost loves, immigrants and their roots, deaths, the nostalgia of their homeland, etc. Most of them feel sad. In greek, there is a saying that I…


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