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  • Returning home

    Returning home

    A few days ago I had the opportunity to visit a milonga in my hometown. I was born and lived till I was 18 in a small town called Xanthi in Greece. The old town of Xanthi is a very picturesque and lovely place that I keep dear in my heart because these are the…


  • Opening sequence

    Opening sequence

    The common pattern in all the previous stories is that the mood and emotion of the tanda is set right from the first moments of it. If the Mirada is a teaser trailer of a movie then the first few seconds of the embrace, the way it is formed, the time it takes, the shape…


  • Is it really your own story?

    Is it really your own story?

    Then whose story is this in the end? Is it the story you had in mind to tell in the beginning? Is it the story your partner wanted to listen to? Is it the story they wanted to tell you?


  • How do you tell a story?

    How do you tell a story?

    What can we learn from TTS software, ebook reading apps, and so many other communication experiences? If the voice has its tools to communicate emotions what are the equivalent tools in our dance?


  • What story are you telling?

    What story are you telling?

    “I now understand how important it is to listen to a lot of music.” A good friend (follower) told me recently. She explained that when she knows the song she feels more confident and natural for her to also contribute to the dance.


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