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  • Taste is a matter of time

    Taste is a matter of time

    “What is your favorite orchestra?” she asked… and it took me a few seconds to think about it. Finally, I ended up saying that I don’t have a specific favorite orchestra but this changes from time to time depending on my mood and current situation. I always thought that this is a stupid answer just…


  • Open air milongas

    Open air milongas

    Now that Corona seems to leave us and we return to some kind of normal we return also to dancing. Of course, some restrictions still apply and in many places, open-air practicas, milongas, and similar gatherings are organized in all kinds of locations. I was discussing the other day in one such open-air gathering with…


  • Learning for the fun of it

    Learning for the fun of it

    These days I am reading a book called Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. The book starts when something blows up the moon in seven pieces. Soon, people realize that the earth has only about two years left until a meteorite rain that will last for some thousand years will destroy everything on the face of it.…


  • I cannot dance to Pugliese

    I cannot dance to Pugliese

    I just can’t hide my geekiness sometimes. When I was writing about bandwidth in the previous post about presence, I was not referring to the actual network bandwidth. I was referring to a different kind of bandwidth… the human communication bandwidth. If you suppose that people are computers and they communicate with each other through…


  • The peripheral

    The peripheral

    It was a long time since I read one of William Gibson’s books, a writer that I follow for a long time and one of the most visionaries in the cyberpunk genre. I just finished yesterday one of his latest books with the title “The peripheral”. In this book, he is writing about a reality,…


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