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  • A challenge for teachers

    A challenge for teachers

    I have already been a teacher in other subjects in my professional career and I came to know that teaching is one of the most mentally demanding and psychologically challenging jobs one can do.


  • Economy, Tinder and Tango

    Economy, Tinder and Tango

    Organizing events in Tango can be a very challenging task, especially when you try to keep role balance and ensure that the level of dancers will be good enough. But for local milongas, there are sometimes other motives for the organizers (see economical profit) to turn a blind eye to such phenomena.


  • Are there really levels in Tango?

    Are there really levels in Tango?

    When you learn a language you take classes… learn vocabulary…. grammar… syntax… writing…. listening etc. As time goes by you learn more complex things… words…. grammatic phenomena etc. until you can say you mastered it.


  • Rejections or losses?

    Rejections or losses?

    In our tango journeys, we often experience rejection. Dancers that we would like to dance with and never respond to our cabeceo… dancers who might have danced with them once and then they seem to constantly ignore us thereafter… and so many more stories of rejection.


  • Tango is not just fun

    Tango is not just fun

    The actual difference is that fun is something that just makes you happy but entertainment is actually educating your spirit… your soul. All kinds of arts (theater, music, painting etc.) are actually considered entertainment to some degree because they aim to express ideas… make people think… feel… and ultimately educate their spirits.


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