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  • Makes sense?

    Makes sense?

    How can you make your decisions and opinions even better? Making them sensible. A song is a series of decisions… if you manage to connect them in a logical sequence the whole dance of the song will… make sense. For example, I know that Laurenz has a long variation at the end of “No me…


  • Are Tango DJs leaders or followers?

    Are Tango DJs leaders or followers?

    So here is the dilemma DJs face. Should they play what the community likes and wants or should they try to educate them with a variety of different orchestras? How much are the taste and the trends in a specific, mostly closed community influenced by the DJs of the community?


  • Why is Pugliese hard to dance

    Why is Pugliese hard to dance

    I believe that, since Pugliese’s music goes to the extreme, it requires you to go to the extreme too, to really enjoy him. His music doesn’t ask…. it demands from you to open up your soul, rip your heart into pieces, and expose and present yourself to your partner in a way that makes you…


  • A different way of learning Tango

    A different way of learning Tango

    In this post, I want to focus on the way we learn Tango. Usually, we are impressed by the shows… we go to a school and start learning steps, sequences, techniques, etc. Then, some of us who are lucky to encounter an inspiring teacher, start to get more into the music.


  • The missing link

    The missing link

    I often wonder what is the difference between a good tanda and a magical one. You know… the one that you don’t ever forget. After the quote of El Flaco Dany in the comments of my previous post, I think I realized what it is. The second link of the chain he mentions. The heart.


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