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  • What story are you telling?

    What story are you telling?

    “I now understand how important it is to listen to a lot of music.” A good friend (follower) told me recently. She explained that when she knows the song she feels more confident and natural for her to also contribute to the dance.


  • Dancers or story tellers?

    Dancers or story tellers?

    Dancers with basic musicality can understand and express the music they hear at any given moment. However, if you really want to go a step further you need to see the song as a complete entity, as a story that tells you something, that has a key message.


  • Is social tango good for shows?

    Is social tango good for shows?

    So given this contradiction, I was asking myself if social tango is good enough for performances. I mean how much would people be interested in looking at couples dancing with simple steps, without big colgadas, back sacadas, complex ganchos, and all kinds of fancy moves?


  • Connection


    This… the ability to sense your partner’s body within your chest, your core, your own body and eventually feel it as if it is part of your own body, is maybe the answer to the incompleteness of the previous post which satisfies our deep need for connection.


  • Focus


    So please… focus your conversations (dance) and don’t try to talk about everything in those 2 or 3 minutes! It is not possible!


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