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  • Rejections or losses?

    Rejections or losses?

    In our tango journeys, we often experience rejection. Dancers that we would like to dance with and never respond to our cabeceo… dancers who might have danced with them once and then they seem to constantly ignore us thereafter… and so many more stories of rejection.


  • 5 in 1

    5 in 1

    In my previous post, I wrote how some tango songs seem to strike a perfect macaroon-like balance between different elements in their music and how this makes them irresistible! Extending this line of thought one could think the same about dancing. If a perfect song makes you want to listen to it again and again…


  • Changing tastes

    Changing tastes

    It was in my first months in Frankfurt and I visited a milonga where a DJ I never heard of before was playing. To my surprise a few days ago I met the DJ and danced with her in another milonga… but that’s another story. To be honest I hadn’t danced a lot that night.…


  • Learning for the fun of it

    Learning for the fun of it

    These days I am reading a book called Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. The book starts when something blows up the moon in seven pieces. Soon, people realize that the earth has only about two years left until a meteorite rain that will last for some thousand years will destroy everything on the face of it.…


  • The secret

    The secret

    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… is about a secret! You probably watch other couples dancing when you sit out a tanda. What do you see? For one specific song… for a specific part of it…. you will see as many possibilities (of steps) as the couples on the floor. We all take classes from teachers and many…


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