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Tonight’s Goodnight Tango is something I meant to write for some time now. It’s been some weeks now that I have seen a couple of very interesting videos and documentaries. The recent events in the USA are somehow explained (or even better predicted) in them even before they happened. So, I wanted to start with a video I saw from Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, author of the book “Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are”. In his book, he explains that by looking into data from Google trends he was able to see insights into how people feel and what feelings and worries they hide behind their seemingly normal everyday lives. For example, looking into these data he was able to correlate Trump’s election in 2016 with the underlying hidden growing racism in the country, but he could also see for example that regardless of demographics, health issues keep anyone up at night.

By now you are asking yourselves… how all this relates to tango? Well… we all have moments when we lie in our everyday lives but there are always small cracks that let the truth come out. Body language is one of them… if you know how to read it… and tango is full of it. Sometimes you dance with someone… you ask them how they are… and they answer they are good… but… you can feel it their dance… it’s not true… they don’t need to speak. However, your presence there… at that moment when this crack opens… your embrace… your smile… can make them feel better… help them a little.

Have you ever experienced it? Has ever tango been your escape and hideaway from difficult moments in your life?


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