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Posts about how tango relates with self development and exploration

  • The butterfly effect

    The butterfly effect

    So here you go… the same song… the same melody… and just a tiny detail of a few milliseconds and you get a totally different piece altogether. A few milliseconds on your step and an enormous amount of satisfaction and joy when you make it plus a whole new sensation from the song.


  • Maturity


    Empathy on this simple level can certainly make you a very good social dancer and moreover it will certainly help you enjoy so much more from your dance. It is a sign of maturity and respect to your partner who after all (being a professional dancer) could have easily denied your cabeseo.


  • Can a song paralyze you?

    Can a song paralyze you?

    Moreover lyrics, and the story they tell, usually help in making the listener feel for the writer… we often empathize with them… we laugh… love… pain… get angry… express our happiness with them. One of the more impactful effects (I think) is when we somehow identify ourselves as the hero in a song. When you…


  • When the leader becomes a follower

    When the leader becomes a follower

    A long time ago, I read a blog post from Tangomentor where he was explaining among other things that the woman in the dancing couple is actually leading the emotion. He also used a famous quote from Cacho Dante “Guys to dance tango you need to listen to the heart of the woman.” To be…


  • Tango is not just fun

    Tango is not just fun

    The actual difference is that fun is something that just makes you happy but entertainment is actually educating your spirit… your soul. All kinds of arts (theater, music, painting etc.) are actually considered entertainment to some degree because they aim to express ideas… make people think… feel… and ultimately educate their spirits.


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