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  • Is music always female?

    Is music always female?

    As you probably know it’s been a few months that I have been taking German lessons. In German as well as in other languages nouns and therefore abstract notions have a gender (I think, English is excluded because everything is neutral unless there is an explicit gender assigned usually by nature). One of the most…


  • The bucket list

    The bucket list

    In my free time sometimes I get to YouTube and just watch different videos that get my attention. From tango performances… to psychology advice, new gadget reviews, ted talks, etc. Today, I saw a video about bucket lists. Things that you would like to do before you die. The guy in the video said something…


  • The secret

    The secret

    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… is about a secret! You probably watch other couples dancing when you sit out a tanda. What do you see? For one specific song… for a specific part of it…. you will see as many possibilities (of steps) as the couples on the floor. We all take classes from teachers and many…


  • No mistakes in the tango, darling, not like life

    No mistakes in the tango, darling, not like life

    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… came to me as an idea for this post… completely by accident. I wanted to write about mistakes… yes… this thing that we think we do when we dance and we immediately “sorry” our partner. So I Googled “tango about mistakes” and guess what came up as the first result! The famous…


  • Together


    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… is talking about one… one person looking for this one person who stole his heart. During all these days in my posts, I have received comments from people I met from many different places. In some cases, people who never knew each other before just started exchanging comments and opinions. People who…


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