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  • The singer who speaks

    The singer who speaks

    Tonight’s good night tango… is the same as yesterday. Ha… you didn’t see that coming? The idea came after the discussion yesterday night about the lyrics of the song. Before posting the song yesterday, I found and heard this version from Goyeneche, so the discussion about the lyrics made me think about the differences between…


  • Rediscovering music

    Rediscovering music

    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… is a song that you have to hear quite a lot of times. Every time you listen to it (if you haven’t already listened to it hundreds of times)… you’ll discover something different…. something new… a detail you missed. One of the things I still remember my tango teacher shouting at us…


  • Hugo Diaz and his magic

    Hugo Diaz and his magic

    Tonight’s goodnight tango… comes from a very special musician… and it’s dedicated to his magical instrument. The emotions expressed in this particular song… without a single word spoken… just from this one small instrument… are simply amazing! Tango for me has this element of magic and one of the most magical moments to me is…


  • Action and reaction

    Action and reaction

    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… is from a guy who is suffering from her silence for three years. Much like how we all suffer from the lack of dancing (hopefully it won’t be for three years) The selection of the orchestra was inspired by your comments on yesterday’s post. Action and reaction… question and response… a discussion……


  • Wait for it

    Wait for it

    Tonight’s goodnight tango… is coming a bit late. So I thought to post a good morning tango instead. The dry sound from the plunking of the double base chords in 1.58 is really unique. You know the feeling… you wait for it… you long for it… you are listening to the whole song for it……


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