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    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… is called “Racing club”… and I think connects very well with my thoughts tonight. I have recently seen an interview with Horacio Godoy and towards the end, he was explaining that for a milonguero landing a successful cabeceo was a big deal! He was playing against all the other leaders in the…


  • The aroma of an embrace

    The aroma of an embrace

    Tonight’s goodnight tango… is all about tango! She almost came to my face and I couldn’t avoid the cabeceo to her. It was the first time I danced with her and there are two things that made an impression. The first one, she was a bit sweaty… not a very pleasant smell… and the second,…


  • Taking risks

    Taking risks

    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… is actually a milonga that says that there is no country like mine (meaning Argentina obviously). There is also no better and more enjoyable way to introduce yourself to a dancer (whom you have not danced before) than a milonga tanda. I have tried that a few times and the best line…


  • The first cabeceo

    The first cabeceo

    Today’s goodnight tango… is about a little student girl. As I wrote yesterday, for me it was inconceivable to cabeceo. Not to mention to a follower I didn’t know. So, in the first milongas I went, I was sitting in my place dancing maybe one or two tandas. Always, with classmates that knew from the…


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