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  • A last tanda to remember

    A last tanda to remember

    A long time ago I wrote about the “last tanda”… not literally the last one, but the one you dance and you feel complete and ready to get back home in peace. A few days ago in a marathon, I bumped into a friend on the first night of the event, and when I ask…


  • Una vez

    Una vez

    You don’t know her… she doesn’t know you… your eyes meet… you nod… she nods back and there you go… a new experience is being born for both of you. Sometimes this new experience is so powerful… so overwhelming… so unique… that even between songs you don’t want to break the embrace… you are not…


  • The unconscious cabeceo

    The unconscious cabeceo

    I have just finished a couple of nice tandas and went into my corner… having almost sunk myself in a large comfy couch. The new tanda starts and I am not really interested in dancing. Just scanned the area around me. In front of me… a group of ladies sitting around a table is talking…


  • Returns


    In my previous Goodnight Tango post, I have written about the verse-chorus pattern of songs and the similarities they bear with the typical story of a hero going on an adventure and getting back home changed. A very interesting and enjoyable discussion evolved between me, Nadine, Ramiro, and Kostas who at a point wrote that…


  • Why you?

    Why you?

    Tonight’s goodnight tango… is about her… or as the title says… “you”. I wrote many days ago about the first time you dance with someone. In that post, I focused on what happens after you start dancing. But in this post, I would like to focus on what happened before. How do you select and…


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